In this article from GQ Magazine, Howie Kahn writes a masterfully detailed report providing insight into the daunting task of rebuilding the Detroit metropolis. Not too long ago, Detroit was the epicenter of technological innovation and mass-manufacturing within the United States. As time went on, businesses began to seek new markets and eventually the city’s atmosphere and economic prosperity dwindled away.

The goal of this project was to examine the article and create an effective design that would capture the essence of the story and the attention of regular readers. The project involved experimenting with type and finding ways to express the themes of the article through different typographical elements. The article also needed to include an infographic that helps readers consume more information about the subject of Detroit. Each of these design components helped add another layer of storytelling and give the reader a better understanding of the article and its message.

The type and influence for the design started with stamps and stencils, which would become a representation of the city that emphasizes its current state and personality.
ROLE:  Director + Graphic Designer
SCOPE:  Publication, Typography, Infographic
TOOLS:  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

James Madison University Project, 2022
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