In case you missed my name, I'm Scott— a graphic designer in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area. I graduated from James Madison University in 2022 with a BFA in Graphic Design. For most of my life, I thought I wanted to become an engineer (10 year old me actually exclaimed it on video). Yet, here I am. A graphic designer. Sometimes, when you ask yourself the big questions, you begin to realize the answers are not what you expect. I realized I had a voice worth hearing, and all I needed was a voice box. My voice box became design. And now that I have found my voice, the last thing I want to do is stop talking.

I enjoy designing for packaging, publication, infographics, and brand identity. Since leaving school, designing for print has become a passion of mine, whether it be a beer label, company brochure, book cover, or restaurant menu. My love for print has stemmed from my endeavors in fine art printmaking. I became enthralled with  the process and preparation needed for printmaking, and am always fascinated by the possibilities that arise from different techniques. In most of my personal work, there is a connection to historical events, stories, and figures. My curiosity, enthusiasm, and love for listening and reading about history has seeped deeply into my daily life and has become a significant part of my creative aspirations.

With design and my artistic ventures, I describe myself as a meticulous mind and an ambitious craftsman. 

These traits have led me down a variety of paths within the creative and design spaces. I love the power of experimentation, tinkering with new skills, and the challenge of harnessing my creative ambitions. I strive to absorb as much of life, nature, and people as I possibly can. Each day gives us the opportunity to create and explore new avenues or sources of inspiration. The more we seek to learn, the more ideas we will have, thus leading to more solutions that have the chance to change someone’s world.

I welcome you to my world!
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