Seven years ago, The National Museum of Crime and Punishment closed its doors to the public after failing to meet profit margins. The museum lost its essence and the ability to connect with the culture and people of the city. Washington D.C. is the epicenter and symbol of national security, justice, and rule of law for the United States. The reimagined Crime Museum explores the life of crime like never before. You and your family can enjoy an immersive tour through unique galleries that burrow deep into criminal profiles, the penal system, victim’s stories, crime prevention, forensic science, law enforcement, and the United States justice system. 

The rebranded Crime Museum began from coming across the cover for an All-Famous Crime comic book which became the soul and inspiration of the museum’s brand.

The objective was to develop a branding solution to help revive and transform the former museum into a profitable city landmark for everyone from around the globe to enjoy. The core goal of the museum is to inspire and connect with the beautiful history and culture of the American capital. This was accomplished through branding powerful messages, community links, and providing innovations in the consumption of historical material.
ROLE:  Director + Graphic Designer + Illustrator + Copywriter
SCOPE:  Branding, Advertising, Illustration, Copywriting
TOOLS:  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

James Madison University Project, 2022
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